Acting Locally – Rockbridge County

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Acting Locally – Rockbridge County

February 5, 2017 Uncategorized 0

In addition to the site Goodlatte Watch, multiple efforts are underway to raise awareness of and inspire participation in the political process at the local level. Two recent additions are:

50 Ways – Rockbridge is described as “a group of concerned citizens .., working together to research, educate, and act on major political issues…” The website offers a number of resources that guide action and collaboration. Links to issues by topic and ways to take action provide a pathway to expression.

Dear Bob, is a record of daily emails penned by Chris Gavaler to our Congressional Misrepresentative, Bob Goodlatte, It includes responses received from Mr. Ethics but more likely penned by his legislative assistants while they take time away from developing short-sighted immigration policy for 45.

Take some time to visit. Better yet, take action to be involved.