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Currently, the House of Delegates is controlled by those who don’t share our platform.   Help us elect folks who do!

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All hands on deck!  Please find and join with your local party committee and support their efforts.  We need everyone involved come November 7!



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Meet our Candidates for the Democratic nomination for Congress

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Sergio Coppola

As a moderate Democrat Sergio will work with both sides to move our country forward.  His primary focus is to fix America’s health care with his “Dual Care” plan and help pass laws to protect people.

Bio: Sergio grew up in Bridgewater, VA and currently lives in the Harrisonburg area.  He is married to Jennifer Coppola and recently graduated from James Madison University with a Bachelor of Science with concentrations in Computer Science, Business, and Politics.  Within his academic studies, he researched national and international healthcare and created the “Dual Care” plan, which would fix America’s health care system and help meet the needs of many Americans.

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Peter Volosin

Bio: Born and raised in Roanoke, Peter has spent his life in the service of others fighting for fair wages and benefits, providing life-saving emergency care, and building stronger communities. While working in the hospitality industry, Peter represented his fellow workers to negotiate a contract with a large hotel chain to increase workers wages, expand sick leave, increase health benefits, and implement a safer work environment. Working with patients as an EMT, Peter saw first-hand how unjust the healthcare system can be putting profits before patients. He believes healthcare is a right for all citizens. Now, Peter helps improve communities across the globe as a regional planner. Peter lives in Roanoke with his husband, Malcolm Quigley, and their dog, Rula, who they rescued while living in Mozambique.

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Jennifer Lewis

Jennifer has a long record of standing up for working families in Virginia, and she’s ready to take that fight to Washington. She knows that we all do better when the least of us succeeds.

Jennifer knows that all Americans deserve the same health care our members of Congress enjoy. She believes in an economy that gives everyone a chance at a good job, and an education that lifts every child up to their full potential. She will fight to empower women and protect the civil rights of every person regardless of race, religion, gender identity or creed. She believes in tearing down institutionalized racism, in improving government accountability, and in the importance of elected leaders that listen to and care about their constituents, no matter who they are. Jennifer has been fighting tirelessly for these values here in the 6th District. Now she’s ready to take that fight to Washington, because a fair shot for all Virginians is worth fighting for.
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Charlotte Moore

I would like to be your voice in Congress.  I pledge to work on your behalf with others to find reasonable solutions to the complex but truly solvable issues that face our state and our nation. There are many issues that need addressing.   We need more teachers to help educate our future leaders.  Virginia teachers are paid below the national average salary.  Mental Health and the ability for these individuals to get the help they need and to be able to become as productive and engaged as possible.  Or future generations should be able to enjoy the same clean and safe environment as we have been able to.  I believe in Protect and Correct – Protect whats right and correct whats wrong.

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Meet the 6th District Executive Committee

These folk run the day-to-day business of our committee, let them know how you can help!

Maria Childress


Dorothy Blackwell


Jen Little


Kym Crump








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Please stay tuned as we update the site and our processes.  If you have questions, please contact our Chairwoman, Maria Childress at

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The Democratic Party of Virginia exists to facilitate and encourage the full participation of all Virginians in choosing their elected officials and controlling their political destiny. It is dedicated to the preservation of all the rights enumerated in Article One of the Constitution of Virginia. The Democratic Party of Virginia exercises full equality with Democratic parties in other states in controlling the activities and establishing the principles of the National Democratic Party. ~Democratic Party of Virginia Party Plan, Preamble 6th CDDems Mission • to elect a Democratic Congressman / Congresswoman, • to help elect Democrats and Democratic supporters in all offices in the district, • to engage and help local Democratic committees and candidates organize effectively with outreach, support resources, and training, • to help recruit Democratic candidates, • to collaborate with Democratic, liberal, and progressive groups in the district, • to support our Democratic elected officials, and • to hold accountable and challenge elected Republicans in the district.