DPVA Local Committee Innovation Award

The Local Committee Innovation Award is designed to recognize the achievements of committees that have implemented creative ideas and think “outside the box” in their local committees in order to achieve goals.

Nature of the Award
The award shall consist of a certificate to be presented to the Local Chair(s) and all Local Committee members who were key contributors to the innovation.  The award shall be presented at the Grassroots Leadership Awards Luncheon on June 29.

Purpose of the Award
The purpose of the award is to recognize innovation by a Local Committee during the previous year (2012) that will have a positive impact on future operations, collaborations, outreach or communications within the Local Committee, other Local Committees, or within the DPVA.


-Outreach activity or social media effort to recruit members

-Collaborated with other local committees on initiatives to strengthen the Democratic brand

-Led voter registration drive that resulted in ‘xxx’ new voters being registered

-Held issue-oriented forums for the community to recruit new members

-Partnered with another jurisdiction to target a close political race


Any type of innovation by one or more Committees is eligible


A nominating letter which contains a 250-word description of the innovation which is being nominated;

Selection of Recipients:
The criteria by which Committee innovation shall be evaluated include:
(a) Creativity and originality;
(b) Benefits to members;
(c) Benefits to operations, collaborations, outreach and communications;
(d) Benefit to other committees and operations, collaborations, outreach and communications;
(e) Overall ability for the innovation to serve as a model for Local Committee leadership.
Please submit nomination letter by 5PM on June 16 to clark@vademocrats.org.

DPVA Local Committee of the Year Nominations

This award acknowledges three city/county committees that have had a positive influence on the local Democratic community and the 2012 elections through party building, outreach, community service, goal obtainment, organizational development, and electoral success. This year we feature three categories for this award: Category I, Category II, and Category III. An explanation for these categories can be found at the end of this post.

Please note, a committee must be current with its 2013 Local Committee dues, as well as have its committee membership roster and by-laws on file with DPVA to be eligible for these awards.


In 500 words or less, please answer the following questions. Any nomination application exceeding 500 words will be disqualified. All nominations are due by 5:00 pm on June 16, 2013. Please send to clark@vademocrats.org.


  • Please discuss the committee’s greatest achievement in 2012.
  • What efforts have been made to reach out to other groups and communities to better include them in the local committee? How many members joined in 2012?
  • Please describe the local committee’s most successful event and how it was accomplished.
  • The Democratic Party is more than a social club. It is a community organization. Please describe the community service activities advocated by your committee in 2012 that depicts the spirit of the Democratic Party.
  • Describe a new practice implemented in 2012 that helped the committee achieve its goals or fulfill its mission, i.e. membership recruitment, community outreach, local elections, etc.


A diverse group of Virginia Democrats will be chosen to evaluate all submitted nominations. The names of these eleven individuals will be kept confidential until introduced at the DPVA Awards Luncheon. The political department will also provide recommendations. Three finalists from each category will be selected and asked to attend the luncheon.

Please submit nominations by 5PM on June 16 to clark@vademocrats.org. The winners will be announced at the Grassroots Awards luncheon on June 29 at 12:30PM at the Richmond Convention Center.

Category I Localities:  Committees that represent localities that have a population that exceeds 50,000 registered voters.

Category II Localities: Committees that represent counties that have a between 15,000 and 49,999 registered voters.

Category III Localities: Committees that represent localities that have a population less than 15,000 registered voters.

Democratic Primary: A Message from the DPVA Executive Director

Right now, Virginia Democrats are voting across the Commonwealth to select our nominees for Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and delegate races.

Contrast that with how Virginia Republicans picked their ticket:

They had a closed convention in Richmond that produced pretty much exactly the ticket you’d expect from a small group of the Commonwealth’s most radical Republicans — Ken Cuccinelli, Mark Obenshain, and E.W. Jackson.

We’re picking our  Democratic ticket small-d-democratically, so please take the time today to go to  the polls.

You can look up your polling place  here.

Thanks for helping us pick a winning ticket,

Lauren Harmon
Executive Director
Democratic Party of Virginia

Updating Your Voter Registration

You may make a change of address, name or other information by sending a letter to your General Registrar, completing an address change notification provided by the DMV, using the form on the back of your voter card, or by using the Virginia Voter Registration Application Form (available on the State Board of Elections website).

Requests must be POSTMARKED at least 22 days before the next Primary or General Election in which you plan to vote.

View current your current voter registration status here.